Jugalbandi… Let’s write together

Let’s write a story together. While we were looking for ideas to increase engagement here in the Community, Sadagopan suggested an exciting idea.

The idea is this- A story written by multiple authors.

How will this work?

  1. The first person to sign up for the activity will be given the first sentence of the story.
  2. This person will write the first chapter of the story and post it on the community. (Participants will be given author rights to post on the community.)
  3. If you are not tech-savvy or not well acquainted with WordPress and would like us to post for you, feel free to let us know.
  4. Once the first chapter is posted, the second writer will be informed to take the narration further.
  5. This will go on till the last participant concludes the story.
  6. Take the story in any direction that you want. Be as creative as you feel like.
  7. Link (Pingback/Hyperlink) your chapter to the previous chapter to keep the flow.
  8. Keep your chapter between 800-1200 words.
  9. Each writer will be given 3 days to write and post their chapter.
  10. If you think you are busy due to work or any other commitments and won’t be able to write when your turn comes, let us know so that we can ask the next writer to work on it. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to you again.
  11. Encourage writers by showering comments on the posts. Feel free to share constructive feedback.

Who can participate?
Anybody. All you need is to have a way with words.
Share this on your blog, social media and ask people to join in. If you have a friend who writes, ask them to participate.

How to sign up?
Comment your full name (or pen name) below along with your email id. If you are someone who doesn’t check emails regularly, you can give your social media link (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) so that we can notify you when it’s your turn to write.
Please note: Email id is a must so that we can give you author rights to post your chapter.

Deadline to sign up
You can sign up till the last writer on the participants’ list starts writing.

The sequence of participants will be added in this post in the order they sign up for this activity. They will be notified personally via email/reply on their comment/comment on their personal blog/social media handle they provide when it’s their turn to write.

Have any queries?
Reach out to us in the comments section or email at bloggercommunitywp@gmail.com
Follow the community on WordPress and Instagram (@bloggercommunitywp) to get updates.

Chapter 1 – written by Irutarts
Chapter 2written by Danny
Chapter 3
written by Curious
Chapter 4
written by Ishita Bhatia
Chapter 5written by Shweta Suresh
Chapter 6
written by Cyranny
Chapter 7 written by Liyona
Chapter 8 written by Shaheen
Chapter 9 – written by Krisha
Chapter 10 – written by Lola Gregory
Chapter 11 – to be written by Saumya
Chapter 12 – to be written by Danny
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

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