Chapter 4 – For Zoe, for she matters #Juagalbandi

The dinner was set, food was served and there on the place fell into a deep dead silence.
“Could you pass me the salt, please?”, Ure requested breaking the uncomfortable stillness in the room.
He was completely oblivious to what was going on in his mother’s mind. She looked distracted and sounded somewhere lost. Something was definitely up, he thought to himself but couldn’t bother to pay much attention as he just wanted to finish with this last minute arranged dinner and get back to reading his book which he left half finished.
“Zion could you stay back after dinner? I need some help on, um, some wedding thing”, Alia said avoiding any sort of eye contact with the boys.
“What kind of help?”, Ure meddled in between.
“Just some wedding stuff.” Alia said standing up and picking up her plate.
Zion helped her with clearing the table while Ure simply stormed out of there.
Zion joined Alia in the kitchen while she was busy doing the dishes. After a long five minute silence Alia turned towards Zion, looked straight into his eyes and said, “I need your help to stop this wedding.” After a long pause she continues, “I really want her to feel loved Zion. I-I want her to know that her dreams matter, that she matters. I can’t let her suffer the way I did or the way Sasha did or the way many girls do in this madly cruel world.”
A tear slowly rolls down her left eye down her soft, pale cheek as she continues. “Zion, I need your help. You see, no one deserves this.” She continues whilst wiping the tears off her cheeks. “Zoe, ah my sweet sweet little girl, I want her to not feel afraid to dream of a life with the person she loves or dream of a house where she would grow old with the person of her dreams. I want to give her a life she wants and dreams of while she sits by that window or else I wouldn’t.. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. Ever, Zion. Please.”
Zion moved a few steps closer to Alia and held her hand. “I promise” he said with firmness in his voice and love in his eyes, “I promise I will do everything I can. I will do anything for her. For Zoe. Nothing bad will happen to her. We will take care.”
Alia somehow pulled herself together and continued with her dishes while Zion just stood there. He thought to himself, that wasn’t Alia who had just poured her heart out in front of Zion. It was the little girl in her, who wasn’t given a chance to speak for herself and stand for herself for so many years. It was the little girl in her who still is afraid to dream. And it was the same little girl that Alia saw in eyes of her little girl. “Could you please call Zoe from her room. We can figure something out together.” She said as her lips curved into a smile, breaking his chain of thoughts. He could feel the blush spread across his cheeks at this thought. His heart was skipping and he could feel the rush of adrenaline all over his body.
He walked towards her room slowly. He could hear light music from outside the door and the smell from her room was so familiar to him. He froze outside her room door. Zion had longed for this moment. A moment between Zoe and Zion when they will be together, when Zion will finally get the chance to gaze in her eyes for a good minute and could register the color of her big bright eyes in his mind forever and the shape of her lips and the softness of her cheeks. He had longed for so long and now he was standing outside her door, he felt afraid. He feared he would do something wrong or say something wrong and he feared hurting her. He feared not being able to understand her and he feared not being able to say the right things at the right moments. He was afraid to lose her before he could get her, because he wanted her, he wanted to stay with her, hold her, understand her dreams and wanted to hear her stories and he was afraid.
“What if things go wrong?” He wondered as he stood out there with his head low when he heard the door open and there she was, in front of him.

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